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Thread: Suggestions for Boss Battles, Classes and some more Stuff.

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    Lightbulb Suggestions for Boss Battles, Classes and some more Stuff.

    Hey Guys YupThatTastedPurple here,

    So i've been playing Trove for a very long time now and i have to say it is a fun Game.

    Recently i played through Neir Automata and Dark Souls 3. And i have to say Neir Automata is Goty for me, but thats not the Point here. So i had an weird Idea.

    Boss Battles in these Games are either Frustrating

    Looking at you Dark Souls <.<

    Or just Fun and Thrilling.

    Neither of Those apply to Shadow Tower Bosses. The only Boss who even has a Pattern Change is Dotm and still she only has some moves she just spams.

    Now what is a Shadow Hunter for example doing in a fight? He stands there and uses his Leftclick and occasionally his ult. When hes the only one left he has to kite a little but not really most of the time.

    Now let's take a look at my favorite Boss Battle of Neir Automata The Singer:

    Now these are just some of her Attacks but what can we observe?

    In Nier Automata Dodging is an very important factor just like in Dark Souls as if you dont do it you will simply die.
    • What would happen if the Daughter of The Moon would have more Moves?

      For Example Imagine her Jumping up with her Sword then Down on one of the Party Members swinging her Sword in a circular Strike then Dash to the Next Party Member Mashing her Sword into the Ground and creating her Fountains of Damage in a Line for a couple of Seconds. Or in her Second phase firing Lasers around her like shes doing in her current third phase but covering half of the Hallway while spinning.
    But doesnt seem this a little bit Busted?

    No because now i will talk about classes.

    Class Updates are coming but here is what im thinking could be implemented. Dodging !

    Right now you either run away from an regular Attack or simply get hit by long range attacks as they are always hitting you.

    Lets have another Look at Nier Automata:

    Here we can actually see the Impact of Sword Strikes aswell as the Teleport Dodge.
    • Now what i was thinking about for Classes Like Neon Ninja Shadow Hunter Lunar Lancer etc.
      Give them actuall combos to do

      Right now the only thing that a Shadow Hunter is doing is spamming Left Click but imagine him Dancing around Shooting Arrows and not just volly them in a straight line.

      Or take the Neon Ninja for example. Right now he has 3 Strikes and the most "mobile" Kit in Trove but he could also get combos to do that can disrupt enemys of hitting you, right now they will always go for their Hit and do it regardless if you hit them or not.

      But what about Ability Power Users like Dracolyte or Tomb Raiser?

      They should also get New Combos to do. Have them use their Staff to shoot or use heavy attacks like summoning an Guardian Dragon or Skeleton.

    Leave Suggestions for Kits below, i will also update this Post with Ideas and Kits as time passes.
    • The Last thing i want to talk about is Music.

      Now i know music taste is different for every Person, but currently i have the Music in Trove disabled, because after a while it gets repetetive and pretty much boring for my taste.

      Especially the Music for Shadow Tower Bosses is kind of "cheerfull". Let's take another look a Neir Automata and its Soundtrack ( I know im talking way too much about this game but bear with me)

      Here is the Soundtrack A Beatifull Song for the Boss Battle pictured above: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMKskuvJTcs

      It is thrilling and powerfull and my Second favorite after: The Weight of the World

      Now these Songs are Powerfull and show that you are fighting a Boss someone who is stronger then you and will kill you if you dont pay attention.

      Now im not saying the Soundtrack for Trove is bad, it's quite relaxing actually, but at some points it just needs more power.

    Now as we get to the End, i want to have a discussion with you guys, what would you think about bringing elements from Dark Souls Nier Automata etc to Trove.

    As an End Game-Player there is really nothing to do besides building and helping the people in my Club. So i would love some more variety and challenging gameplay.


    YupThatTasted Purple

    P.s. I still love Trove no matter what
    P.s.s. If you think im a ****** and delusional, you are probably right, but keep it away from this thread please
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    Yes! More moves and battle strategy.

    Although it will hardly work unless they fix lags and rubberbanding. More combat depth is a good thing to have, but Trove is not worthy it yet :|

    About the music, I also find it boring and repetitive and did just like you.
    I really wish we could have music mods (if they don't exist already). I did music mods for few games already, I'd love to pick my own music set for Trove too.

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    I agree with you KoBeWi.

    Also for people looking for music to play trovei can make a List with good music ranging from overworld themes to dubstep if you want me to
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    That Singer thing reminds me alot of Reflux from Rayman.

    Quote Originally Posted by ah0xg0 View Post
    Right now you either run away from an regular Attack or simply get hit by long range attacks as they are always hitting you.
    Also to correct this statement, all ranged enemies predict your movements to shoot where you're going to be, however if you move from that path after they've shot their projectile, you can dodge it.
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    Thanks for saving my bacon, Chronozilla.

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    There is one problem with this... trove is plauged by far too much lag for this. you would simply constantly be dragged back into attacks by rubberbands
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