First I have a few great clubs that I'm a member of but they each only have 1 to 2 end game players.
Just encase any of them read lol. Don't want to sound like I don't respect them.

I play for a few hours each day from 5pm on to 12pm off est,ontario during the week and off and on all weekend.

I'm looking for a group,club of end gamers even though I'm still working towards that goal who can give advice not carries lol... as I have wasted lots of money and time as most info on best ways to do things on trove is out dated or connected to rng and I'm not lucky.. 2 mill on tow... would have been nice to have a group who said don't do that... 2 mil turned in to 200 mastery and 200k in 30 seconds...

Mastery 160
Boom 30 13k still need 2 gems using bad class and 1 rad...
Knight 30 13k
All other toons level 10 headed to 20 for mastery.

Is there a group looking for a new member to join.
Mic, mature player not looking to play with the younger guys.

Please send friend request and a message. I get many friend requests message is needed to explain.

Theuglyone psn.
Look forward to meeting a mature group looking to get to or at the end game.
I'll delete this post after in find the right group...

Feels like I'm writing a bad dating site post...