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    I like that. A thousand credits or something with a T-shirt of Ganda? Awyeah.
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    I'm still holding out for that new Trion Worlds logo on a shirt... then I'll fire money out of a T-shirt cannon. lol

    I have a Trion T-Shirt, but Twix tells me it's "old school"....
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    Quote Originally Posted by cerkaz View Post
    So when do you start selling body pillows, featuring the devs?
    This please!
    Rick White Body Pillow.. (づxДx)づ

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    totally gettin' the logo shirt.
    you guys should also have the invader "shadow giant" shirt as well.

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    My favorite one so far is the Trove logo.

    I really wish the 3 others were pixel art~ish. It would fit the game more in my opinion. For now, I'll probably wait & see if you guys release more...

    Maybe I'll get the Trove logo one for X-mas.

    Ideas for t-shirts...
    - Biome themed
    - Class roster
    - Shadow Tower themed
    - Big Update themed

    P.S. I love the "wacky" art style but maybe it's a bit too much for me personally. >.<

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    Quote Originally Posted by cerkaz View Post
    So when do you start selling body pillows, featuring the devs?
    count me in

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