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    This is still happening. I would have thought there wp god have been a fix by now. Can a mod please fix my account

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    10 months later and still no fix...

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    Same here only robotic salvages' name turns to flux when I click on it

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    Please help me

    I wish to be more detailed in this comment, it was about 10:00am on 03/17/18, my gamer tag was A-K_Nemisis, I was clearing a dungeon in the perafrost world as a chloromancer in order to gain robotic salvage from my cybernetics catalogue, and when I was supposed to gain 15 which would bring my total to 30 I got 16 bringing my total to 31, I thought this was odd, but I shrugged it off its just an extra digit, and when I tried to select my robotic salvage in order to sell it nothing happened, and it showed the description of flux instead, I tried doing it again, nothing, I tried going back with circle and tried doing again, nothing, I tried closing the game application and I tried doing it again, nothing, I used all my robotic salvage, and after I got more I tried doing it again, nothing...

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    I'm still having this problem with steed feed, nearly a week after making a support ticket AND updating it twice... you would think a years time would be enough to fix a clearly wide spread issue....

    If i could just get my steed feed fixed, that would be great.

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    I Canīt sell this items

    I canīt sell my purifyng dragon flame and my golden Souls help me please

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    Quote Originally Posted by tHUgDesolation View Post
    I can't sell my Steed Feed in the marketplace. Every time I try pressing 'X' on it to select it, it changes my selection to my Tentacle of Q'bthulhu instead. I tried putting the tentacles in storage but the game is unresponsive when I press 'X' on the Steed Feed at that point. I've tried buying some Feed from the market to see if adjusting the number I have would help, and I've even tried closing out the app. Neither of which works. I can't even put my Feed in storage or trade it. It's as if it's not in my inventory at all. My fiance has the same issue with Pumpkins.
    Click on it then press up and down and click it again then it should work

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    Unhappy Inventory bug

    Im having a problem with moving an item or 2 out of my inventory to the marketplace. when i click the item it changes to flux and i cannot move what i want to so i can sell.

    I read thru and tried 2 fixes that have been suggested but still cant get it to work.
    Pls someone help me figure this out.

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    deleted deleted

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    Same problem

    I’ve had the same problem with the diamonds I have 1,300 and something and when I go to sell it it changes to flux

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