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Thread: I am not getting gem boxes when I complete dungeons

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    I am not getting gem boxes when I complete dungeons

    When I complete a dungeon I am not getting the boxes, I break the box and get the loot but I am not getting any gem boxes.

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    You need to play on uber 1 or higher

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    Please read

    The same thing is actually happening with me too I'm in u9 basic world and I don't get gem boxes but I can still get boxes from all of the other elemental u9 s

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    Are you in a prime world or elemental world? Prime worlds only drop gems 30% of the time.
    Are you alone? Rewards are only given for 8 people so if you are in a group of 9+, you might not get a gem each time.

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    i am also having issues with gem box drops in U9 water, air and fire. even if i do a full three star dungeon ill sometimes get one gem box. and no i do not farm in groups. ill always solo dungeons.

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