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Thread: Accidentally deleted a stellar

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    Accidentally deleted a stellar

    Need help from a dev please. So the other night I accidentally deleted my stellar face. Inventory was full so I started deleting useless stuff and happened to switch my stellar face out and deleted it by mistake. I submitted a support ticket hoping it can be recovered already but haven't heard anything or got it back yet so I'm wondering, on average how long does it take to hear back from someone or get my face back...? It was getting reviewed a few hours after I submitted it but still nothing...

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    Are you sure you cannot go to the loot collector and rebuy it? If you looted more than 100 items or more than 24 hours it will be gone but if its not you are able to get it back.

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    I wish I got rid of it in the loot collector so I could do that. But I ended up deleting it straight from my inventory so there's no possible way I can get it back on my own

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