So, I'm rather surprised that nobody has approached this issue about the game yet.
I'm going to approach this in a format exactly like that on the sticky, to be as specific as possible.

Time: When did this happen? Give as specific a timeframe as possible. If it's always bugged, that's helpful to, so you can just say that.

Framerate issues on Console Trove happen constantly, but most noticeably:
- During rain
- in permafrost/candoria
- when playing in large groups or near ranged players.
- simply playing for extended periods of time
- in Worlds with a high exploration rate

Crashing occurs quite literally at random, and wasn't fixed in any way by the promised "Crash fix" update. I have reported this various times to PS, and it bewilders me that a fix is taking this long to arrive. Proof is in all of those reports.

Because you can't simply reduce the number of people in a UB, this is a terrible issue, ESPECIALLY when a 20 minute dragon quest is active, as this wastes important time and could mean the difference between whether or not you get your 2 hourly dragon caches (it has cost me mine more than enough times for me to be angry.)
Framerate drops span from the usual cut to about 20 FPS (which is very unexpected of a console game) to flat out no frames, no sign of recovery FROM 0 frames and buggy music that eventually drops to a halt (which means that the game is still running while the image is frozen, specially given I can goto my menu and close the application afterward.)
. This is a major issue on par with crashing, if not worse because of the more consistent and often probability of the issue. Compared to PC (where my PC is a very poor model, yet runs Trove better than my console which is at least twice as strong on GPU)

Context: Are you playing on the standard PS4 or the PS4 Pro? Where did you find this bug? Was it in a specific biome? Which? A specific lair? Which? If the bug is with a costume, which specific costume? The more details you provide, the more quickly we'll be able to replicate the issue.

I'm usually playing on a basic PS4, and have listed where it occurs above. Note that I use wireless and wired connections equally, and the issue persists with either type, so this shouldn't be a latency issue.

Expected: In one sentence what did you expect to happen? Example: I summoned my mount and expected to spawn Slow Sebastion.

This part should be obvious. From the trailers presenting console Trove, I expect the game to run at least at a consistent 30 FPS, and at best 60 FPS. Additionally, if you can't fix this, you could add graphical options from PC to console so that users can pick between quality or performance, because more than a majority of us would choose performance over a shiny gold block we'll crash 10 times because of rendering issues.

It has come to my notice that livestreams happen to be surprisingly lacking toward Trove's console version, possibly due to awareness of these issues. You need to optimize Trove for not just the PS Pro, but the PS4. It should be a very simple feat, given games like Final Fantasy XIV run without a trace of framedrop on the PS4 compared to this voxel game.

Observed: In one sentence what happened instead? Example: My character threw a bomb.

Doing simple things drops the framerate, and even in worlds with absolutely no players, standing still, doing nothing, I can see framedrops.

Repro Steps: Is this bug something you can easily reproduce? If so, give us a list of steps to reproduce it, so we can jump right into the fixing stage.

Playing for more than 30 minutes will most likely cause this issue, and in some situations, even opening the game will immediately cause a crash. I have observed that the PC version shares this issue, but to a much less major degree. Considering the PS4 version doesn't allow players to manually optimize their game, there is literally no way to fix this issue without you guys stepping in.

A friend of mine has noted some things, such as ranged characters and outfits such as the mecha Dracolyte can cause the chance of crashes and framerate drops to increase drastically.

Screenshots: Non-scaled, cropped as tightly as possible to the area of the screen highlighting problem. You can post to a third party site and embed the image from that link here in the forums. Make sure that the image you post shows everything we need to see.

I might be able to post some links to videos displaying this error later. Until then, I'm sure you guys can play under an alias and see for yourselves.