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Thread: So... about blocks...

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    So... about blocks...

    I think that more organic (biome blocks) should be added, per say, fae forest grass and stone, cursed vale and dragonfire peaks... and possibly more recipes but more to the point, I think that a lot of players, me included of course, would be happy to be able to build a cornerstone that has a theme of an in-game biome, or build freely in clubs without the fear of a block being irreplaceable if it's destroyed, and let's face it, the mimic block doesn't always work as intended.

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    i am all for the organic blocks, anything with real textures including different brick , stone, wood ... seriously the blocks we have now are sooo (for a lack of better way to put it) Fisher Price ...

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    Uh, what I meant was... in the cube converter there is a "organic" category, it includes some grass and stone and dirt stuff, I meant adding more things to that category, not more "realistic" thin gs in trove, because let's face it, this game is not about realism or anything like that.

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    They said a long time ago in a future club update more blocks will be added but god knows when and what. All real builders want are more shading colors for the time being and they could put that in without breaking a sweat. I really hope they just add in a few for us to play with.

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