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Thread: Help me please,

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    Unhappy Help me please,

    Hello fellow Trovians,
    I am playing Trove since June 2015 and all i can say is that it is the best game i have ever played.Sadly for about a year now trove constanty crashes like once every 3-4 minutes .I have tried every possible solution.No results...So can anyone of you help me? Have you ever experienced a problem like mine?

    Every reply is welcome.
    Thank you.

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    Your post confuses me. If it crashes every 3-4 mins constantly then there's definitely an issue on your side (such as faulty RAM), however if that was the case, why is it the best game you've ever played? If however you can mostly play for a while but face daily crashes, then that would be normal trove behaviour due to faulty programming and there isn't much you can do there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fruitie View Post
    however if that was the case, why is it the best game you've ever played?
    It's about the concept. If you like the idea of the game and it's gameplay, you will like it despite the poor execution, when it's only one of it's kind. There are of course similar games to Trove, but they are not the same and their overall "idea" is different.

    It's kind of masochistic, when you really want to play something, but you can't and there's no other way than suffering from different issues. So sad.
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    Try running Trove with less demanding settings, scan your computer for viruses, clear up some unused space. As others have said if the game is constantly crashing every few minutes it's more likely to be your issue, however, if its a few times a day it may be a Trove issue.

    Make sure to send an error report every time you are prompted to, this will help Trion improve the games stability.

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