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Thread: Trove Australia is Now Recruiting!

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    Jul 2015
    Australia Land!

    Trove Australia is Now Recruiting!

    Trove Australia!
    We're Recruiting~

    About Us
    Hi! Welcome to Trove Australia, we're a long running guild/community that has been with trove for over 2 years!
    We're a fun loving and relaxed guild full of friendly people!
    Our goal here is to bring together and play with all the trove aussie players so that we can share in the fun and network isses that us aussies have!

    Rules Of Membership
    1. This club was built by Aussies so expect a lot of us!
    2. Be friendly and respect each other!
    3. Please do not scam our members, if this does happen please report it as soon as possible!
    4. Ask us before you take things from the Club Chests, we are usually more than happy for you to take what you need, but this allows us to see who we can trust and who we cannot.

    Our Club World

    Active Leader/Officer Roster
    - Fizzinc
    - PotatoeUnicorn

    - BLU3Y
    - Mononymous
    - Soot
    - Tesselator
    - Rosain

    Current Active Architects
    - Amphi
    - Belle
    - Basteag
    - DrDirigible
    - God
    - Hycker
    - JRYPT
    - Nyasa
    - PiggyPiglet
    - Rosain

    How to get in touch with us?
    Just simply message either PotatoeUnicorn or Fizzinc ingame and ask to join!

    If we're not online feel free to do this to the other Officers in the list above~

    We look forward to any possible members!
    Mods for Fun Because His Life Is In Shambles!

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    Yeaaahahahh theres sum cool ****s in this klub
    I make websites and other stuff for people.

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    Awesome Aussie Community!
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    These guys are what keep me playing trove regularly, we have so much fun together. Fun and very friendly Australian community, definitely have some fairly prominent Trove community members here too.

    If you are a fellow aussie, have a club space free and want to meet some fellow bogans, rangas, and just all round fun mates here's the place for you.

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    I'm new to the game but already loving it. Would love to be able to join a group with and play with some other aussies!

    I only have 1 question, how do you play seriously with the ping? hahaha

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