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Thread: So how long?

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    So how long?

    So how long do u guys think it takes before everything becomes untradeable, and the game goes into singler player mode'?

    Flipping the market is used in every game out there. but everytime an items price swings to much on the market in Trove, it just becomes untradeable or in other ways restricted and surely "reduce fraud" -_-
    BTW Trion: when you guys target the "fraud" with pouches.. i think you forgot about the dragonite ones.. have fun

    I'm surprised the market funktion is still active...

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    Remember when everything use to be tradeable? Well, almost everything, things bought with cubits couldnt be traded, but that makes sense.

    I've seen this game as single player for a very long time now. It started with Mantle of Power and snowballed out of control after that. The entire game can be soloed now, maybe with the exception of Ultra Pinata with most classes, I personally can't do that, but I can solo all other Ultras.

    So for me its not a matter of how long until Trove will be single player, its more of how long has Trove been single player?

    Wont be surprised if the mount Talismans and even Ganda someday become untradeable.

    Its not just the inability to trade things that is making Trove feel like a single player game, its the power creep as well. As I stated above, all of Trove can be soloed. We need more worlds, more stuff to do as a group.
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    I feel one of the reasons Avarem was leaving was the push back on everything going non tradeable. I myself think that they are going to revert some of the items to tradeable or put a separate crafting tab in for tradeable versions. Not sure but but I really think some of this will be reverted.

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    That is quite an exaggeration. Obviously it is a pain to have more items restricted, however imo if you flipped credit pouches, you were kind of a ****. Besides, those are hardly the people that are particularly beneficial to trion. They can doom and gloom all they want, their opinions will be irrelevant and biased in the situation. There are of course other big issues.

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    I partially agree, not everything needs to be untradabale, Trino. I get having Gems be untradable (It'd be way OP if they weren't) but I don't know why everything else has to be.

    Like, for me personally I think at least these should be untradable:
    Titan and Lunar souls*
    Aforementioned Gems (but not boosters and dust)**
    Diamond Dragonite (I'm still on the fence about this though)
    Debatable, but perhaps Chaos Cores too.
    Class Gem Key Fragments and Empowered Gem fragments can stay untradbale, for balancing

    All the ST keys, Dragon Coins, event items (Snowflakes, Tentacle slices, etc.) should be tradable. (ESPECIALLY Dragon Coins, it's a PAIN tog et enoguh for 1 Dragon let alone all 25 Million!)

    * But not Titan's Treasure (though idk why you'd want to trade it, other than people who use alts) and Emp Gem Boxes (balance)
    ** Actual gems shouldn't be, but everything else gem-related should (Except for the boxes, all types)
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