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    Quote Originally Posted by SenpaiSlayer View Post
    I find it hilarious that all these children have become so addicted to a game that they "hate" that they start crying and losing their minds over a downtime of less than 3 hours. "OMG They aren't fixing every single issue in the game in 1 patch right now! Stupid devs!" F*cking lol.
    The problem is that they dosen't fix anything at all.
    They got 14 freaking days to push out updates, we are not asking for some new quest line with full story everytime but they could at least work on fixing something, speically when there is so many bugs right now.

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    If there's no patch then what's this 11.5 MB about?
    Devs you are scaring me.

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    It could possibly be just to ensure that the client and server are on level terms. A major modification on the server could trigger a version change -- but that's my theory.

    Could it just be some kind of hotfix? Again unsure.
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    Yes. Updating hardware is good.
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