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    The Knight is only okay. Unfortunately there is absolutely no role for him in any situation that another class can't do better, ESPECIALLY with the existence of the Revenant. Right now, the poor Knight is still exactly like he was from release with only some minor tweaks to his abilities and a class gem that only makes him a little more useful, but as I said, there are other classes that beat him in every possible role.
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    I think of themselves, knight's skill set and movepool aren't actually that bad: it's just that the damage values on the moves aren't high enough to allow it to match up with other classes at endgame. The ability that could be buffed though would be the ult, and that might make it a good point of divergence for making subclasses: grant the ult a taunt ability to make it an effective group tank class, or grant the ult some damage boost to make it a strong solo damage class.

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    Remember two years ago they said they'd buff the Knight? Especially his ultimate? Remember how Knight's auto attack has been bugged forever and STILL not fixed?

    I do.

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    I was a huge fan of the knight for a good year but the details that ticks me off the most about his class gem...

    - Remove his only dash / movement speed ish boost
    - Counter intuitive to skill set & class in general. "Is this a mage now?!"
    - Huge floor destroyer!!! (biggest flaw imo)

    Beside that the class is solid but missing some "wow" factor like mentioned a few times already.

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    Knight was my first class. Brought him to 14k then I was asked to tank the first 2 st ultra. I did with np..... but wait I made my knight for dps how was a able to tank a ultra... something is up... I can slowly solo u9 at a ok pace... but why was I asked to tank was still bugging me and more so was how was I able to do this if I'm all dps... bringing mastery up I was leveling all to 10 and then found the boom... shortening this post now.. the boom as a melee is a knight with some cool toys. After messing up some gems and a really bad class gem I have a 12k boom who I enjoy way more then the knight but he's really a knight with toys......

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    I'm closing up the thread because it has a very narrow purpose - never change the Knight play mechanics for any reason.

    We're an MMO with 15 different Classes. More will come in the future. There is no scenario in which any class, Knight or otherwise, will be left unchanged as the game evolves around it. It's just not one of the options.

    Class changes are coming in an update on the horizon and more will be done down the road. This is something that will happen in literally every video game with Classes and an online component.

    When the changes come, let us know what you think. If you like the changes let us know your favorite improvements. If you dislike the changes tell us which changes bother you and why. Let us know what would fit better in your mind.

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