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Thread: What could truly make trove a better place?

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    Let me make one thing clear here: I absolutely love your reactions and dedication about improving the game.

    Console needs performance fixes.
    and for sure cgame performance sux so hard so improve it and lag
    better overall performance would be a nice start. This game runs terribly even on good PCs, compared to other more impressive looking games.

    I've never played an online game / MMO that had more crashing, disconnecting, lagging, and rubberbanding problems then Trove.
    Although I totally agree with all the requests for bug and lag fixes, I did mean to ask for new gameplay mechanics, not just fixes. It is a basic for the whole game, including new mechanics, to function though so that is a priority...

    Same for Ganda. Players should be allowed to purchase it at the golden ship for a lot of fragments of wonders.

    Fix of the weekly challenges to allow more than just a handful of players to get light and dark chaos chests. Perhaps more ways to earn them (tome?).
    The idea of more tomes and the suggestion of Ganda being purchasable, doesn't appeal to me. As I said before more of the same items will make early gameplay harder and more unappealing. Ganda as a buyable item seems wrong, the whole aspect of something unique, at least sort off, is lost if you make it a generic shop item. I do agree with the broken system that is weekly challenges...

    Now the truly refreshing new mechanics you suggested made me very excited and I could already picture it...

    It's been a really long time, easily over a year, since i stopped playing this game. But from what I remember, the combat system was way too uninteresting for me, and the building system was nothing to be amazed at either. As cliche as it may be, i think a proper skill tree for each class would massively improve player interest. It would definitely have gotten Trion a couple more bucks outta my wallet.
    The skilltree would be a really good addition to the game in my oppinion. This would allow for different types of Ninjas, Knights or other classes. there would be a sense of uniqueness again. The different types of characters could maybe help a lot with multiplayer cooperation? This idea might be what the rumored 'sub-classes' are about? Or maybe those are just plans for a second class gem? We will have to wait and see but I will keep the idea of the skilltree in the back of my head for a while!

    The building suggestion is quite vague and you only briefly mention it... can you elaborate on that? I think the building in clubs should be redone or atleast extended upon...

    I really hope that I will receive more ideas on this Thread....

    Thanks and cya in Trove,

    When life gives you lemons, make an incredible, voxel-style, action-RPG and call it Treasurechest!

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    at this point, anything that would result in fixing the rubber-banding and whip-lash issue ounce and for all should really be there #1 concern. whether its optimizing, replacing the game engine, getting better servers or simply telling Troin to get a better internet provider ... this really needs to happen BEFORE we do anything else to the game to make it better. because every time they make the game better all they end up doing is making the rubber-banding and whip-lash worse ...

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    I would like to see fractions and reputations added into Trove. You could have the Hub Qubeslys as one fraction with an NCP in the hub that gives you quests to do to gain reputation. Then when your reputation is high enough be able to craft fraction themed mounts, recipes, wings, boats, PVP banners, dragons etc. Or, each fraction could let you craft one component for a dragon and you need to combine them from all the fractions to make a dragon.

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    Less latency

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    I would like a bigger support team. It's been days since I launched a ticket and those poor guys are so swamped with them that they haven't reached mine yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElfDork View Post
    I would like to see fractions
    3/4 or sometimes 1/2. Woot for fractions!

    Quote Originally Posted by woutinator View Post
    The idea of more tomes and the suggestion of Ganda being purchasable, doesn't appeal to me.
    Ganda is on the player marketplace. Thus, anybody can spend a wad of cash and purchase it.
    In addition, older players had much better chances of pulling it from TOW than those today. Would be nice for those of us who consistantly fails to unbox one, could use those failed attempts to amass to get a Ganda.
    (not saying make it easy, but fragments would at least be measurable towards a goal)
    Before the weekly contests, I was fine with it being a uber rare drop.
    However walls like this has stopped any further progression for mastery.

    Same with the trion streamer carpet. I been watching the Friday twitch streams for a very long time, but no RNG means no progression.

    Thus, the base idea is more of one to have them add 'progression' to the game, instead of pure RNG.
    Playing should be rewarding, not pure RNG. I am fine with gems, as you can still do everything you need in game
    There is a reason why dragonite got added to the game, right?
    Reason why karma bars got added, right?
    I am all about progression that is measurable.

    For fixing weekly contests, I would love to see it all score based instead of pitting players against each other for the 'top loot'. If I choose to work towards 'insert widget here', then you can work towards it and have something measurable. Yet we have people gaming the system to stay on the top. Just Yuck.

    For class trees, I would be on the fence. They did announce new class gems, which is similar.
    Trove has always been about DPS due to the health VS mob damage being way out of proportion.
    Everybody would choose the path of most DPS or fastest move speed regardless of whether they like it or not.

    Yes, clubs 2.0 was supposed to come out at some point, which was to help solve many issues clubs face.
    No new news has come out on this in awhile.

    And I do see your point in the thread regarding 'new' ideas to change up the game.
    Here are some of my own that I think would be different, and fun, and help Trove further its playerbase.

    Class mounts.
    Similar to class gems, mounts unique to classes that when ridden gives some sort of unique play.
    These mounts should also have additional move speed, added stats to that specific class when on the 'mount', etc. to make them slightly better than normal mounts.
    But when riding the mount, you can activate a separate 'ult' that is unique to the class.
    For example, dino tamer's class mount could have a lasso that could hit a mob, do damage similar to stinging curse, and you could then drag the mob around.
    Chloromancer's class mount that would grow a tall vine and thrash the ground in random spots for mob damage + player heals.
    Gunslinger could have a turret that would remain stationary but becomes a gatling gun when activated.
    PC could ride a ghost ship that floats a few blocks above the ground (as a mount for land, not a 'real' ship) and the ult could allow it to summon undead pirate mobs from treasure isles.
    Ice sage's class mount could shield all players nearby which would give all players some damage protection and increase attack speed (similar to what the shield does for the ice sage) while the ice sage rides around on the mount still shooting with its staff.
    Knight mount could be a jousting horse which would have a large lance that has a dash that pierces mobs and does mediocore damage.

    You get the idea. Would take some work to code and test, and would certainly have bugs to fix, but I think that integrating class mounts would add a slightly new dimension to the game.

    Regarding clubs, I would LOVE to see club challenges.
    Not challenges that might first come to mind,
    But it would work like this way:
    Every month, there would be a challenge to give every member 'X special item' if they can meet the resources required.
    A table would be provided where players in the club would add resources.
    Amount of resources required for the unlock would change based on the amount of players in the club (but also have a minimum resource requirement so players could not simply (and easily) unlock these in their own personal club with no other members).
    Any club members would go to this table and add their resources.

    So, if the requirements to complete the challenge are say 50k blocks + two heart of darkness + 5k shapestone, as players feed these items into this table, the number counts down, so everyone can see which items are left to contribute. Feed it all the items before the timer runs out and every member in the club gets the item they can claim.

    Trion could also tie this kind of club challenge into special new events, say an event where mobs drop 'essense' as an item upon death, and thus when the club members put their collected essenses into the club table, then the members of that club earns 'x' item.

    Special club event items should remain untradable (no alt farming).

    This would help to promote club worlds, and people playing together as a community.
    Would also help to promote club activity, and keeping active club life.

    Last ideas,
    Bombing mini game. You get X number of bombs and have to gather the most ore before the timer runs out. Better get your lasermancy up!

    Ship mini game battles on a water map (move speeds are held equal as is the ship shooting speed. X number of hits and you are dead.) Happy ship wars!

    PVP hourly challenges, where all players have equal stats, players are ALL the same class (or completely random), and it is a straightforward death battle. Amass x# of kills during the 20 minute challenge to unlock the loot!

    Mini game - Coin shakedown. Similar to PVP, but no player deaths, your goal is to hit other players to steal their coins! All players are the ice sage, and the goal is to have the most coins when the timer ends! Hit a player to gain one of their coins.

    Mini game - Waves. You and a team of 4 sees how long you can hold out on endless waves of mobs that get progressively harder within a small arena!

    Anyhow, hope you have fun with these ideas!

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    In my dreams
    I would like a sensation of progression that is "hard-earned" meaning that the things I earn in the game cannot be bought with flux or real life money, but rather actual work that produces desirable results.
    As for in game-issues, I know Trion can always fix them, but they take just a little too long for some players.

    Oh, and of course less lag lol.
    IGN: zoop2k | Mastery: 300 | Main Classes: 19.2k Neon Ninja, 19.5k Gunslinger | 1/3 Prim Dragons
    Just a casual player who likes to build

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    I'd like to be able to jump more than 10 feet in the air without getting clipped to the nether realms for a brief moment.

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    What the game could really use is transparency and communication. Others have stated similar ideas but a large amount of this game has been created from user submitted ideas that were then turned into reality.

    I still believe a user voted ideas page would be extremely helpful. Devs can post responses to the ideas and also give updates if the idea is being worked on.

    Here is an example for those who don't know what I'm talking about.

    The lack of communication flow has been growing more obvious over time. While I appreciate that we even get a chance to have some questions answered weekly, a lot of the questions are answered and then forgotten. Frequently on the stream we are told an idea is a good idea and then we never hear about it again.

    Having a webpage where we could at least keep logs of ideas that developers could then process at their own pace would help show that we aren't suggesting ideas for them only to be forgotten.

    Additionally, latency issues. Has the development tried to do the most recent quest line outside the office? Between the latency, crashes, and the mobs not giving credit, the quest line is painful.

    IGN: spar13

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    1 major thing this game needs to get back on track and I mean really 100% game base back into positive working with the game is being proactive on the forums again. In the beginning and I was there everyone was on the forums and always discussed all the good and bad/ideas/everything. If a problem came up multiple people were on the forums talking to us letting us know what was going on. Stuff was debated calmly and nice because they actually read and answered the posts. Everything about the game and community was proactive. It is just the opposite now and I hope with the new head man this policy will change.

    The second thing that is a major letdown is sense release building has been neglected. We need colors, block styles, skins all stuff that is so easy to add to the game and almost all efforts goes to the MMO combat part. We need basics...not huge patches and 100's of costumes... BASICS of life....

    To break it down.... We want to talk to you again and have a healthy fun relationship with you guys (Twixler send Nude Pics). Please give us some basic building improvements and not make us wait another year for more colors.

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