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Thread: Everything builders need [list of suggestions]

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    Lightbulb Everything builders need [list of suggestions]

    "small" list of suggestions of things that would be nice for all things related to creating things with blocks.

    If you have any more ideas feel free to comment them to add them to the list (tbh i just want to try to make a thread with all of the ideas that would be nice for building)

    Easy to add
    1. Adding coloured text to signs again
    2. more sign variants (biome themes?) and some wall based signs that don't have collisions
    3. More block colours / patterns (more colour variants of stylish blocks would be nice) - suggested by Meloji
    4. A system to toggle building in cornerstone similar to /zonerestrict nobody but for cornerstones (could use a simple lock icon in the cornerstone list ui) - suggested by Meloji
    5. Letter blocks like number blocks but with symbols of A-Z on them
    6. A way to place a volume of blocks (placing a cube / cuboid / square / rectangle of blocks)
    7. More blocks placed at once (up to 50 might be nice rather than 20)
    8. Hovering in mid-air in clubs to place blocks (could use shift, as a toggle button, to lock position while in mid-air as well as on the ground)
    9. Holographic (glass) type magrail that has no floor collisions (so we can make rollercoasters like before the mechanics got changed and still allow the game to make sense)
    10. Other mag rail looks
    11. Quicker to open decoration bench (lags when you open it)
    12. Teleport commands for club leaders / specific ranks
    13. Updating the featured clubs (from what i remembered before, the featured clubs never got updated)
    14. Invisible weekly contests (1 or 2) a week including block placed / destroyed contests (and others) so that people wont try to purposely destroy / place blocks in that week because they don't know the contest is there (and the rewards will go to actual builders more often if the invisible contest is related to blocks rewarding people who are normally higher without the contest :P - shame the contest for builders doesn't reward builders much...)
    15. Make all deco items in view show even if its at low quality/looks like a normal coloured block. Currently with low settings, the decoration blocks don't show from far enough away which can ruin hidden passages that are usually covered by deco items. It might slightly reduce performance for people with low settings, but it would make hidden paths using deco items more fun because no-one can cheat by using low settings)
    16. Things like VFX blocks to have "directions" like horizontal launchpads so that the VFX effect can be rotated (for example with the FIRE VFX block it needs to be able to be rotated to be more useful)
    17. more music instruments sounds like trumpet etc.
    18. Invisible blocks, This would be great for quite a lot of things ingame. There would need to be two variants (one with full block collisions (can stand on) and one with no collisisons apart from liquids (to make floating lakes) ). To avoid loosing these blocks after they are placed because you cannot see them, they could be visible to everyone while they are in build mode with building rights showing either as a white block like placeholders in metaforge, or just as a mimic block
    19. opposite draft pads for pulling you towards them rather than pushing you away (would be good in small spaces where adding a push away block is difficult)
    20. Fix for coins not showing surfaces of liquids that they are connected to
    21. Lava spawner as craftable but only for club worlds (or in cornerstones too because AFK farms already exist with lava in).
    22. Acid spawner because it takes away more health and its a different colour so it could be used in different areas of building. (acid sponge too and acid fishing and acid lakes in jungle areas XD)
    23. Chocolate sponges because for some reason they don't exist...
    24. More liquids, for example a dark water, oil, purple acid / poison - suggested by evil
    25. green screen blocks as craftable for taking photos that can easily remove the background
    26. vanishing blocks as craftable because minigames would probably use them
    27. Scaffolding needs to be able to remove more blocks at once... currently it can remove so few blocks in a row that its kind of silly because you still have to click e so many times. Luckily it never seems to cause lag anyway because the blocks get removed slowly
    28. There needs to be an option for "interacting with objects without directly targeting them" . This patch came after console was announced suggesting it was really a feature for consoles... which is proved in the console patch notes when it says "Many of the interactions in the world that previously required you to focus the cross-hair on them now work by being within close proximity. This makes changing worlds, for example, immensely easier with a controller". Despite its easier with a controller, its horrible for pc without a controller and often gets in your way, so please make it an optional setting within the settings so that we can choose. Not to mention It is bad for building because you accidentally remove the scaffolding closer to you rather than the scaffolding your looking at.....Which just wastes a lot of time... (being a common scaffolding user, it happens a lot...) To be honest i much preferred directly aiming the cross-hair at the blocks and i still do today just because with a touchpad it is much easier... but it no longer selects the right block... So at least having an option to change it back to how it used to be would be great!

      Not too hard to add
    29. Fix the issue where renaming a club world doesn't rename the club (surely if the club name was determined by the world name, and updated every time the world name was changed, it would also mean there is less club data to store?) / Just add an actual way to change club names...
    30. New mining emblem (explosive lasermancy) for mining an area of blocks (bomb sized) at once using lasermancy stat (would match mining emblem - just to make mining resources more viable because currently bombs are so much better even if you have 1000 lasermancy...)
    31. Blocks placed badge with some relevant rewards bronze - 10 silver-100 gold-1000 platinum-10000 diamond - 100000 obsidian- 1000000. (After gold there shouldn't really be any mastery involved because not everyone likes building). The rewards for platinum could be an aura set of sorts.... The rewards for diamond could be a mount for helping with building like the suggestion below (100000 blocks placed should mean you are a normal builder... although lots of people are above because of the contest :'( )... And for the obsidian badge... well 1mill blocks of actual building takes a long long time... so probably some really cool *cough* block related wings like fishing and boxes' end badge reward of wings
    32. Some mount used for building which can hover in clubs if you have building rights, and can mine blocks using lasermancy stat for the mining speed (which you get after getting like a quarter of a mill on a blocks placed badge - progression in building :P)
    33. Custom club ranks with permission settings
    34. Some easy way to impact the "height" of the land when using certain normal terraformers (or other settings to affect terraformers)
    35. Dungeons and lairs as "blueprints" to build in clubs (using pvp sized land)
    36. Make sure that the teleport command for clubs (/joinworld [club name]) uses the updated name
    37. Toggleable hotbar tool to show gridlines on blocks
    38. Make clubs have setting menus to define some player settings for the entire club for example no wings / limited jumps when inside that club
    39. New specular map which affects 50% of the colour of that block by adding a slowly colourchanging value (of the colours hue) to the blocks colour in the fragment shaders (It is possible...at least a basic form works via mods) tbh it should end up being like water specular map and not used often, but it would have its uses in things like shades with "screen-like" surfaces
    40. First person view for mag rails that locks the camera to rotate when you go around turns so it still looks forwards which on rollercoasters will look really nice
    41. Temporary checkpoints as respawn locations when you die instead of always going to the default spawn location
    42. some way to blend a note into the next note (slurs) with music blocks rather than having it always like chiptunes
    43. Some way to merge multiple pvp terraformers worth of space into a bigger mini-game arena
    44. If there were multiple pvp terraformers combined i guess ball games like football / soccer could also be implemented into minigames and possibly even having some hourly challenges as team games
    45. One way platforms. Aside from the trolling use, they would be nice for things like puzzles, (can jump through from below but can stand on when above)
    46. Minigame things like turrets should work without minigames and just not destroy club's blocks
    47. New laser type of turret

      Difficult to add
    48. More vertical building area in clubs (could double the height by adding "sky" terraformers into the game - example picture - also possible to add an extra bunch of blocks below the normal club worlds with the lava world's caves like shown but i dont think it would be as good as sky terraformers and wouldn't look any cooler). It could be added into existing clubs because the default for the sky terraformers could be the abyss so it shouldn't change the look of any existing clubs unless modified after. -My personal favourite!
    49. Copy tool of sorts
    50. Custom biome creation - from metaforge there could be a menu to select grass colour (replacing neon grass as a default), some selections to do with the shape of the land, the sky colour and how long day / night lasts / no time like neon city, commonly placed landscape features (like trees - using a type of dungeon file to test beforehand and create some "randomness" to them) and also some plants to use as grass. This could then be saved in a new file format for custom terraformers which includes the data for the trees and stuff. This could then be tested in metaforge and cool terraformers could be added to the game for building purposes / some way to use it directly in club worlds without having the data for the terraformer file stored permanently online
    51. Circuit system (probably logic gate based with blocks using wires that are only visible in build mode with building rights - with a command to disable the visibility of them in build mode in case they get in the way). This could contain basic "lights" that use 2 model switches to switch glass blocks to glowing glass, doors that have a standard rotating door animation with two models (for on/off state), compatibility with music blocks to make them make noises along with vfx blocks, toggling blocks (having movement of blocks can cause lag and crashes so having a block appear and disappear, kind of like how deco items on low settings shrink out of existence when you go far away, with collisions too changing from on/off states will be similar and will make some builds more fun), sensor blocks that can be placed adjacent to glowing blocks to detect if a ball touches them so that it can store it for games like football / soccer and change number blocks to show an updated score, Coloured LED blocks (normal placeable blocks that light up), activating/deactivating updraft pads. Inputs could be buttons, switches, magrail detection, block area sensors. If it did use logic gates signal blocks for controlling the on/off signal could be: NOT, AND, OR (even though multiple connections would default to using OR it could be used to relay a signal), toggle / flip flops and delays. Tbh i realise some circuit system would lag tons in trove if it wasn't made really well... :c

    If you have any more building related suggestions i will be happy to add them to this list
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    I asked for invisible blocks for arenas in the past. It would be nice to have them only visible outside of the minigame. This would allow us to build skyboxes in the sense that we wouldn't have to have walls and instead could have backgrounds.

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    And here I was ready to settle for some more block colors, patterns and new decorations... Maybe a cornerstone that I could lock (so that my plants don't get ruined every time I accidentally throw a bomb or use an attack in their vicinity).

    I am not convinced this is a priority for developers. It would be nice to get a commitment that developers want to develop the building side of the game. I haven't seen it. It would also be nice not to get one's hopes up and be disappointed.

    Pessimistically yours,


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    Quote Originally Posted by spar13 View Post
    I asked for invisible blocks for arenas in the past. It would be nice to have them only visible outside of the minigame. This would allow us to build skyboxes in the sense that we wouldn't have to have walls and instead could have backgrounds.
    I would very much like such a block to still be invisible in clubs without minigames kind of like the current "bugged" invisible blocks..... They are pretty useful in high quantity especially when controlling water flow without other props that get in the way visually... Although i guess if it worked in normal clubs there is no reason why it wouldn't work in minigames as well.

    The restrictions of specific blocks to minigames is something i dont like in trove... For example turrets should work in clubs at all times and just not harm nearby blocks, rather than being restricted to minigames (sometimes you might want to make a minigames without the minigame portal and just in clubs normally...)

    Floating cubes of liquid is the only thing i have made with the current bugged versions of the blocks which is great because they don't remove the surfaces of liquids... An actual craftable block for use in cornerstones and clubs and making the blocks only appear in build mode (idk if that would be hard to make - maybe a command would be easier to show/hide them) would allow the blocks to be invisible at all times making it easier to build when around invisible blocks because you can see them easily and at the same time its also easy to see through them to see what it would look like with them invisible

    ^ this image shows invisible blocks placed around water/plasma compared to glass blocks
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    Changing the titles of signs as well as the actual text fields, e.g. making a Trove sign say "Rule 1/5: Do not beg." instead of "Trove! Do not beg."
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    I reckon the way scaffolding is right now, is fine. Yes it may take a few clicks to destroy all of them but it is to prevent accidents. I reckon instead we should have to hold 'e' to remove EVERY single block, but only tapping it will still be the same as it is right now
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