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Thread: I hope that you guys cancel few of new weekly contests

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    Post I hope that you guys cancel few of new weekly contests

    First of all, for "Glim Collected this week", Players could just grind glim collectable items, restore, and grind again.

    Second of all, for "Fish Caught this week" people will use mecro and 1st place will OBVIOUSLY be using mecro

    Last of all, "Weekly Battle Arenas Won" It will give adventage to AFK PVPers . I know this because I used to be a PVP ranker.

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    Gonna be a difficult one for them to work out.
    People are already trying to stockpile digglys lolz, suggestion there would be, not loot collected items count.
    Fishing bots, nuff said, they havnt stopped them before as far as we are aware.
    PVP is still full of afkers, as long as 1 person puts in all the effort, the rest get rewarded. This cant really be policed.

    Wonder what the outcome will be.

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    Infinium one is good though. Not even gonna try for top 250 for the other three XD

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    Anyone tested Glim on PTS? Would be really dumb if we could exploit it this way.
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    Got a feel glim collecting is to push for fishing
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    Remind me, what's the new contests?

    Most infinium mined
    Most time cheating
    Most time doing questionable things
    Most time AFK while being lucky

    Wait, no, that came out wrong.

    Most Infinium Mined
    Longest Time spend using Fishing Macro
    Most Glim exploited with said fishing macro
    Most time AFK in PvP while winning
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    In addition, Fishing contest and PVP contest already did last year.
    Especially, Trove management know why "Fishing day" disappeared in Fishing contest. And they will know it better than anyone.
    They should fix and add the weekly contests which has some problems before....
    And, Glim collected contest : What happened if the items which collected by Glim appear again?
    Maybe.. You'll realize after thought about it.

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    Only infinium mined is a "FAIR" contest, while the rest can be "ABUSE".

    I post my concern when PTS note is out, yet here we go again...

    Thanks for adding more contest complains to the list. > <

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    The contests are optional. PvP arenas is the only stupid one I can think of.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vizthex View Post
    The contests are optional. PvP arenas is the only stupid one I can think of.
    Yes, they are optional, but besides the infinium one, they sort of create moral hazards by being linked with rather nice rewards; sure, no one really needs 5 light vaults and an emp box, but a number of people want to obtain them (no other way to get the light peg mount), and the easiest way to obtain them would be through methods that go against the ToS (fishing and pvp especially). For the glim collected contest, I can imagine some people being able to get it by pouring some flux into buying soultraps, but it would also be easier to get it by saving alot of fish from the fishing week and then looting at once.
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