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Thread: Failed to connect to game server

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    Failed to connect to game server

    It won't let me connect to trove on this profile. It gets stuck at world connecting then hits me with the error message. I logged into an alt account and that logged in just fine. I've power cycled my console, uninstalled and reinstalled and it's still the same. If a friend invited me I can go in but if I change worlds it kicks me out again. Also i know that your support takes a long time to respond so if this takes days I would very much appreciate a compensation for missing the last few days of bonus week and not getting my chaos chests/wasting patron days.

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    I'm having the same issue, it seems to be focused on my club world. My girlfriend's account was working just fine until I tried to enter the club world, and now her account also gets stuck trying to load into the world (after successfully logging in and authenticating). Hopefully there's a way to fix the corrupted worlds that are causing the issues.

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    Dont worry they dont care at all. I have reaht a point of maximum frustration with this problem. I send ticket support. Here is the help they gave me.

    At first even if I told the GM im on xbox, he asked me to do some command and check on PC.
    Then of course, he asked me to reset my console, router, and modem. At this point I was boiling.
    If I contact GM, its Because I already try that. Then he told me that I should contact Microsoft. The answering of microsoft is ;

    since you dont seems to have no problems with Any other game but trove please contact trion support.

    So I recontact him. He ask me to look if my nat was open on my router, wich they are all. And he also ask me to try with direct connections on my modem , like I didnt try. I try this every time. But Still, they refuse to understand. They told me that I should contact my internet provider.
    Wich I did, and guess what, my connections is Perfect.

    Even if I told trion that I had no problem of connections when the game was in beta phase, that microsoft told me that my set up is good, that my intrnet provider is telling me im A1, Trion keep telling me that its my problems.

    I have one things to sayd to them its F####

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