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    Q1.Now, some people use Gems which have high PR to maintain and get awards in class contest.(Just Abusing)
    How about running class contest like this : Points system or Gem moving limit.

    Q2.On weekend, maybe you'll know some players abusing Macro. Aren't you?

    Q3.Trove managements need to play Trove like this : Conceal your identity and use computer which has normal specification

    Q4.Then, Do you know many players complain about too many charginf elements?

    Q5.I was banned 1 day here because I uploaded fierce criticism of Trove Problems. You'll know current Trove situations are not good now.

    Q6.I want to send Trove problems instead of uploading in forum. If Trove managements or Devs have Discord account, Can you help me to talk with them?

    Q7.Trove users just wanted to play this game "for enjoying"(YOLO) Not just for competition. And... Can you approach more to general players?

    Q8.Before you put a plan into action, Isn't it too obvious to stabilizing Servers?
    In game chatting, many users speak ill of lags, bugs, and high pings all day.

    Many Trove players are left... Because of disappointed about Trove and tired to play.....
    Not only general player, but also heavy-charged player... leaving now...
    Whenever I saw my friends quit Trove and return/quitting, I felt heartbreaking...
    I just.... did a bitter with Trove... For current players who peg away at playing Trove.. rather than my friends....

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