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Thread: Haiku Writing Contest for Daybreak Daimyo Costume

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    Senior Member SunnyD's Avatar
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    Jul 2016
    such complex structure
    takes a special weeaboo
    to compose haiku
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    Junior Member Hjaltrohir's Avatar
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    Somewhere on the Internet
    Trino: Listen here,
    Fix your servers they are slow,
    Life ruined by lag.

    Lol haha not great but had to give it a go. :^)
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    I, the twilight knight,
    shall ignite the will to fight
    when light fades tonight.

    Supposed to be based on your costume
    100 codes?! That's really generous of you! Thank you for hosting this contest!

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    i the barbarian
    come to this world with no fear
    fear who i become

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    Senior Member TheDeadEye's Avatar
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    Sep 2015
    I want this costume.
    You think I could have one, please?
    Thank you very much, Sir!
    Woo, husband of AJo | Mastery: 500+ | President of Garden of Wool | Alpha - Knight Supporter

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    Here is my Haiku. It is mostly about the coming of this new costume/character and less about the idiosyncrasies of Trove. Hope that is okay!

    Daimyo greets its dawn
    Sun's zenith casts long shadows--
    Bow serf to shogun.

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    Senior Member sayrimgamer's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
    Under THE rock.
    My luck is dreadful.
    I rock the slow sebastian,
    Till I get Ganda.

    well, i tried.

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    Thinking of old times,
    riding slowly till sunrise,
    with my mighty knight.

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    Praising the Sun
    Day broken, by Daimyo's light
    Don't test a samurai's might
    Anyway, good luck against RNG's blight.

    Never was a fan of poems but apparently I've always had a knack for writing. Cheers. Really should've paid attention to how good Haiku's are made back in school... pretty sure this doesn't even qualify as an actual "haiku" haha.

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    Leaves twirl in the wind
    Never breaks the Daimyo's sharp gaze
    From the Mushroom King

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