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Thread: [Contest] Void of Chaos Contest!

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    Here is my entry for contest 2, a Chaotic Waterhorse. It is a pretty big picture so I'll just put the link instead of embedding it.


    Lives in deep oceans, using its bioluminescence to attract prey or confuse predators to escape. Its body is mostly see through, allowing glimpses at its skeletal structure. Its skin is scaleless and soft, the only hard part of its body is the beak, much like that found on squid and octopi.

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    Contest 1: Chaos Mod Fan Art
    I wanted to have a go at the ulty version of creature of the void. Hope you like it

    My only mod so far -Chicken Ranger

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    Friendly reminder, the contest ends next week, so if you are interested in enter, feel free to reserve a spot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkyRider3217 View Post
    Friendly reminder, the contest ends next week, so if you are interested in enter, feel free to reserve a spot.
    Then I shall!
    Reserved for an Art entry ❤

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    Thank you for hosting these contests! Here is my story entry:

    The Void, mortal one, is a realm of utter chaos where twisted energy warps what you mortals know as the laws of physics beyond comprehension. Space and time may become interchangeable or not exist at all. When you travel towards a mountain in the distance, you could find yourself getting farther away or look back and see it miles behind you. Lethal wounds can spontaneously appear and then dissapear before they even existed. At times it is both day and night and at times it is neither. A floating speck of dust is as likely to pass through you as it is to destroy your mind, body and spirit. This is not an evil realm, for there is no good and evil, only chaos.

    Then there are the eyes.

    They came from a land before time which could actually be in a future that may never come to pass. Everything from singular demonic floating eyeballs to massive abberations of writhing tentacles and unblinking orbs. These ocular monstrosities, big or small, have one thing in common, a single unifying goal:

    The denizens of Chaos crave the light so they may destroy all.

    I see you are surprised. You are trying to wrap your inferior mind around this concept and failing. They are beings of evil, you think, and should love the dark and fear the light. I can tell you, mortal one, they are not. There is no good nor evil, only chaos. However, there is order. Do not think of order as the opposite of chaos, little one, but of chaos yet to be. While they now avoid the Void, entropy is unavoidable. With every chemical reaction, they are drawn towards this realm around you.

    You are wondering why you are here. Tiny one, light is more powerful than you could possibly immagine. It pierces more dimensions than any other form of energy when brought to the void, including ones that don't exist anymore. Through this light, our Great Leader, the Dragon of Chaos, will accelerate the entropy of your orderly "universe.' We only have one obstacle to destroy before Chaos will literally reign.

    Erimatra, Bane of the Void, is the sole remaining guardian of the light. The Sun Goddess fell to Q'bthulu and the Moon Goddess's mind is gone. They say that Indurion is a guardian of the light, but the Void corrupted his mind and he did not show it. Erimatra has created an in-between place, a place your mortal kind calls the Everdark, where Order may duel Chaos to... organize it. Light cannot exist in this realm. Chaos has no upper hand. Brave Trovians, little one, are slowly destroying Chaos.

    However, puny one, this will soon end. Our Chaotic Cultists, traitors of the Sun Realm before the Fall, brought you, a single... lucky Trovian into this realm of purest chaos as bait. Erimatra, Scourge of the Everdark, will come to save you as is your duty. She will come. She has no choice. She will come, little one, and she will fall to the Chaos Knights. Light will flood the Void with power. Finally, Indurion, the Unwavering, will rule discord and disharmony until the end of time and beyond.
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    "Chaos Awakens"

    Long before even the gods existed, way before the radiance of the Goddess shone across the realm. There was darkness, eternal darkness everywhere you went. Along with Darkness, Chaos resided. The goddess Nyx and Chaos were the first primordial beings to ever exist. Nyx ruled the night and Chaos ruled the Abyss beneath the Pit. As time passed by, both beings gave birth to a powerful race that we now know as the Dragons. The first dragons were Indurion, Aurim, Erimatra and Tysorion. Indurion took charge as the keeper and protector of Chaos's Realm. As more centuries passed, more dragons were birthed and during those times, Chaos himself was overthrown and slain by Inora. Without Chaos himself, the Abyss was nothing but an empty realm. Indurion was left alone to bear the death of his father and to rule the Abyss. Entropy is what happened to him, Chaos can only get more Chaotic, Indurion endured the pain and evil and he didn’t fight it, he let it take over him. Over time, the Dragons created and shaped the Radiant Goddess to take over Valkizer’s Throne, Indurion himself and Erimatra worked together to shape Qthubhulu and the Moon Goddess. When the time is right, when the shadows take their revenge upon the Light, it is when Indurion finally brings Chaos to the surface. And that very time is now, the Shadow Invasion has begun and Indurion is fully awake, it is only a matter of time till he consumes us all.
    SentinelKnife has been awakened from its eternal slumber

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    Here is my submission for Contest 1: Chaos Mod Fan Art - Q'bthulhlu Dragon.


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    Reserved.. keep trying to keep up on contest xD
    oh dang passed out after bushin. going to try finish this quick as can

    contest two...idk why i want a Dark souls based boss that's a Q'bthulhu knight with space dust armor to have a good COSMetIC look lol. Then to step up the challenge is having a doom effect so have to kill it in a reasonable window time frame or everyone in the room dies.

    was first going for an eye drops to create it but this wont be what i qualify for the contest http://i.imgur.com/fkUyLkJ.gifv
    ( 'v') <(if under 20 mastery and want class coin) 14/30 ( 'v')<(forum image upload help) ( 'v')<(returning player info) ( 'v')<(if game bug report it and if brakes bad submit ticket) ( 'v')<( trove giveaways occasionally happen here but more frequent in Trovsaurus)

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    Reserved for contest 1 ^^
    Trying to get it done asap

    Did a profile drawing of fae trickster and dino tamer, ive tried my best...

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    if renders are ok... i'll worm this in...

    contest 2

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