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Thread: [Shop] Need Flux? I Buy Your Stuff

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    [Shop] Need Flux? I Buy Your Stuff

    TheoVect here, are you in need of Flux? I'll buy your stuff then!

    Things I Buy:

    Greater Dragon Caches: 14000 Flux Each
    Chaos Chest: 1500 Flux Each
    Battle Chest: 4,500 Each
    Golden Chaos Chest: 35,000 Flux Each
    30 Day Patron Pass: 130,000 Flux Each
    Class Coin: 40,000 Flux Each
    Inventory Expander: 25,000 Flux Each
    Arena Coin: 4,000 Flux Each
    Titan Treasure (You Should Probably just open it): 2,000 Flux Each

    Dragon Coin Digest: 45,000 Flux Each
    Chaos Codex: 80,000 Flux Each
    Empower Gem Box: 60,000 Flux Each

    *I also Buy some Ships, Mounts, and Rarely Costumes* I have almost all of them so it's hard to tell which ones I still need*
    ANY Adventure Box 75 Flux Each!

    Xbox One Gamertag: TheoVect

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    nobody sell things to him you can easily get more flux by selling them on the marketplace

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