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    Quote Originally Posted by Xantje View Post
    Me to is really dom

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    Hello all! If anyone has this problem in the future please submit a ticket regarding your recent purchase though this link https://support.gamigo.com/hc/en-us and if possible please include the xbox purchase order number you are contacting them about for them to help your further regarding your issue. Hope this helps!
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    Bought 900 credits via steam and trove the credits don't appear on my account nor do the free dragon or free class given by purchasing credits in the game and the extra credits given on the first credit purchase of the game are no longer available. i already sent a ticket and the same massage to twitter but i dnt have my credits yet
    i play on PC and my player name is _lagostinhah_

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    Exclamation lost items

    so i purchased the 4 pound starter bundle and got everything with it but i didn't get the free character coin so i brought the 4 pound credits so i could get a new character and see if my coin would be unlocked and my currency and the coin are not on my account and i don't know what to do because i do not wanna have to spend more money on the game when i don't have it. thank you for your time. i play on pc and my tag is Inspxrre.

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    Bought a $50 credit pack and didn't recieve my 10 Radiant sovereigns gamertag is PλTH0GENZ please help!

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