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    PTS Patch Notes - April 6, 2017

    Additional Updates
    • Class Power Rank Weeklies now reward 50 Shadow Pinatas to anyone Rank 10 and above. The previous reward of a single Chaos Coin for Rank 1 has been removed.
    • Panatea the Partifier no longer requires a Party Animal to craft.
    • Adjusted the reward requirements on some race minigames.
    • 3 new power rank and mastery sigil levels have been added. For power rank sigils they now go up to 20,000 and have been otherwise adjusted slightly at the high end. For mastery this means more sigils up to 300.

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    Any fixes with bugs in this patch? game crashes when i go to the hub world....
    im looking for a problem fix

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    - Can we get image examples of the new sigil level breakdown?

    - Could the other Class PR contest reward tiers be expanded? You went from 1 to 10 for top prize and I think expanding the rest on down would be good too.

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    Change silver sigil color to white color. (platinum is more white on a shade than silver)

    or this

    I think a white shade will look more richly and more majestic
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    Lightbulb A crazy idea from a insane old player xD

    I've been thinking and i was wondering if your plataform/game engine was capable of creating an event such as World Boss but then i thought as well "Will the servers handle it" might have to expand though.

    I was thinking of a scheduled World Boss where everyone joins a specific map which like has a portal or something in hub and maybe with 5-10 minutes of preparation so players can join and have time to gather a big team (most of server) and warn friends to enter the game...bla bla bla...anyways i though as well the lag would be godlike for most of the people with bad network connection or an Old/Weak why don't apply these 2 systems i thought of:

    ---> Auto Fps Drop Detection (Only During WB people will have a (system that detects fps drops and low connection) that would prompt a menu imagine saying like "Your fps rate is under 20 would you like to lower quality and deactivate special effects(/fxenable 0)"

    ---> And then knowing that low quality will mostly just help the machine maybe for low connection create channels in that WB separated map a bunch of channels so people wouldn't have any problems (downloading all players actions) but just of some players, leading to a better experience during boss fight and a sorting system while those 5-10 minutes which would divide equally the players through the channels.

    About the ranks i was thinking obviously based on damage dealt but also a prize for the most DPS and Execution (last hit).

    I think an event like this in Trove would be revolutionary because it would give meaning to the "massive multiplayer" tag in which Trove is tagged in.

    I think this feature obviously will take a lot of time to implement i'm sure of that but i think an event like this bringing people together to fight and making people login just to get a prize (and maybe make some more dollars for Trion Of Course).

    I hope you devs at least read this idea and if it actually comes to "the table" then give it the Trion Worlds sweet touch and make it better ^^

    Have a nice day thanks for the attention

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    All sigil look alike, sigil should be easy identified in one glance.

    Kindly consider break down PR into 4 tiers by adding roman numeric V / X / XV / XX.

    Below 5k pr will have no sigil, sigil start from 5k pr.

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    I think you guys should expand class contest to top50 dark vaults, top500 class gem, imo its fair enough.

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    Why changes in olds mastery sigil? and no for include for new mastery cap? mr 400 one sigil and for mr 500 other sigil?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RNG View Post
    I think you guys should expand class contest to top50 dark vaults, top500 class gem, imo its fair enough.
    I would actually agree with this now. There are too many people now near the max pr on pc. I still think it should be a PR tier and not based on top players. Alternatively you could do my blind contest idea and not show what is the contest in said week to prevent sniping which occurs every week.

    IGN: spar13

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    Quote Originally Posted by RNG View Post
    I think you guys should expand class contest to top50 dark vaults, top500 class gem, imo its fair enough.
    I totally agree to this, it is already a pain tryin' to get the Dark Vaults when there is enough 22k to fill up all the slots, plus the fact that we still have the gem swappers most likely taking those spots.

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