Hey everybody,

I've lurked on these forums for about as long as I've played Trove (since early console beta) as it's been a good source of information. I wanted to put in a little bit of info here about my troubles logging in as I've seen it's been an ongoing problem for many people, and I hoped that the more information available to the Devs, the better. I truly enjoy this game and hope to see improvements - but the only way to get better is through, right?

I have found that, generally speaking, the disconnection problems I encounter are random - I could stay logged in all night, or I could disconnect in the first five minutes and not be able to log back in. I've froze at loading screens for shadow towers/club worlds, and I've also froze just sitting idle for a minute or two. I've had issues of rubberbanding while building in club worlds (which is typically all I do) but it was bad enough one night I was getting disconnected every five minutes to spend twenty trying to log back in, for about 3 hours until I gave up and played something else. That info being said, I know it's sort of an intermittent issue, but I'll jump right to the bug report stuff.

Time: Various times of day in the last week or two.
Context: Loading/building.
Expected: Loading/placing blocks.
Observed: Disconnecting, login troubles/rubberbanding.
Repro Steps:
1. Enter game/club world.
2. Attempt to change worlds/club worlds/build.
3. Disconect/lag/rubberband - intermittently but often, at least a couple times a night.

I'm running the game on a regular Xbox One system. In the end, I'm sure this is something being looked into, but I hope all the information there is to offer from players will help. Thanks!