Hi all,

We aim to make the forum experience useful and informative for everyone. We need to get accurate information out, and more importantly, we need to hear your opinions and feedback. However strongly you disagree with a decision you should make sure to provide constructive feedback.

Constructive feedback takes many forms but here are a few things to keep in mind before posting:
  • If you disagree with a change call out what specific aspects upset you and why. Then describe what you see as a better solution. If simply leaving a thing unchanged is the best course, describe why. The more persuasive your argument the better.
  • Look at your post history. If the majority of your posts are troll posts against other players or telling other players that the Trove team doesn't care/doesn't listen, that's not productive. Don't reply to posts to say no one will reply. If you aren't looking to help the player with a question please do not respond.
  • Posts that contain threats, attacks, or zero-value trolls will be deleted. They may also result in an immediate and permanent revocation of posting privileges. These will not use a time consuming infraction system. A good guideline to use for tone is: If you wouldn’t want someone walking into your living room speaking the words you’re about to post; it’s best to find another way to say it.
  • How many asterisks are in your post? Is it all the asterisks? Whether or not you're posting profanity, using asterisks to mimic profanity is not productive and these threads may be closed/removed.
  • Users who have previously had their forum access revoked, and create second, third, fourth, fifth...and so on, troll accounts, may now see penalties on their game accounts. (Yes, people really do this.) Those penalties range from suspensions to revocation of game access.

Our goal is to make the forum experience as useful to everyone as possible, both when it's positive and negative, as long as it's constructive, and we hope these changes get us one step closer to that.

- The Trion Worlds Community Team