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Thread: (Suggestion) New class?

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    Lightbulb (Suggestion) New class?

    I suggest a new class be put into Trove in a new update.
    It may be just me, but I am becoming bored and it seems like Trove only gets interesting when you have a new class that you've never played. I only have 3 more classes to go then I've got them all.
    So for the sake of all of the players that have played all of the classes, let's have a new one.

    The class I am suggesting would be a staff user with the name "Serpent Binder". Its main attack would be Poison Bolt, an attack that shoots poison out of your staff at an arch towards an enemy. The range would be limited, so it's kind of like Dracolyte's M1 ability and Ice Sage's M2 ability combined.
    The M2 spell would be Summon Snakes, which would summon up to four (low damage) snakes. This is not overpowered because the snakes will disappear over time. Like Tomb Raiser's M2 ability.
    The button 1 skill would be called Snakes and Poison, and would fire a poison cloud at the enemy, then releasing 2 or 3 snakes that disappear over time depending on your level.
    The button 2 ability would be Transmogrify, which would turn the user into a huge cobra with more strength and health than normal. Like Dracolyte's ultimate.

    This may seem a lot like the Dracolyte class, and I realize that. If this is taken into consideration please edit to whatever you like!

    And I also say that we should have another gun class. Maybe a Sniper?

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    Don't hold your breath on a new class. There's like 50/50 chance that we will get 1 class this year and a class is pretty far behind in dev's list of priorities.

    New classes will be awesome but it's very easy to get tired of playing a class,because Trove is a simple game focused on grind.
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    Maybe in the second half of the year, since the "big" update is supposed to come out soonish.
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    Yes, I understand that. I actually didn't know there was supposed to be a big update

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    Next class should be melee if the usual pattern is anything to go off of. It will take a long time though, still gotta wait on that big update.
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