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Thread: [Suggestions] More fishing stats and/or rewards

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    Lightbulb [Suggestions] More fishing stats and/or rewards

    Let's get real here for a second. Fishing, as it is now, is only fun while you're fishing for new fish you haven't collected yet. And since Plasma fishing has always been a far away dream as the developers always said it's "not coming out soon". Truth is: not even plasma fishing could revive the dead feature for longer than 2 weeks. And the higher-tier rewards, being the wings and the boat, require such tremendous amounts of fishing that less than 1.200 players actually have the wings at the time of writing.

    So basically it stops being fun and exciting after give or take 1500 fish caught. That leaves a huge gap in between rewards for badges. The devs tried to mitigate this by adding trophies, but they hardly amount to a worthwhile reward for spending literal hundreds of hours to get the boat and wings. Which is why I propose we sweeten the deal a little. Devs have mentioned a few things aside from plasma fishing, such as adding fishing speed as a stat. I think that's a great idea, but let's kick it up a notch and see if we can get some more ideas floating around.

    Firstly: Stats. Fishing speed is a great idea, but we can also think of higher chances of getting rare fish and/or trophies. Let's keep them on allies and perhaps emblems, just like Lasermancy. We could get fishing rods with such buffs, but since they didn't add actual stats to the wish fisher I fear that this is not going to happen sadly.

    Secondly: Boxes and/or other containers. This could be the easiest to implement. The ability to find boxes or perhaps oysters while fishing. It could replace the fish, or appear during the same catch (the latter allowing for this feeling of really getting something while not obstructing new player's hunt for rare fish). Imagine things like underwater troves, the sunken treasure containing glim(?) or scales, and rarely big loads of flux or something. Or if we go with the oyster idea we could get pearls of wisdom a logical place in the world.

    They could be an alternate source of scales, sails, rods or perhaps even the fishing stat-boosting allies and emblems. And perhaps we could even add a vial that replenishes a charge when catching an uncommon or rare fish, my preference would lean towards the uncommon. Surely there's a few grounds left undiscovered with the sails, as they don't all need to be sheets with a pattern, as evidenced by the worn sail's holes. And amphibious mounts like the turtles and platypus exist already, perhaps a few frog-type or additional turtles and platypus mounts would do the trick to keep us entertained.

    And lastly, I think Thallasion should be incorporated into fishing as a mechanic. It's no secret that the dragons are a huge part of Trove's gameplay, being the coolest and most-wanted mounts. And they have always given a nice stat bonus to those who have been able to tame the legendary dragons. But Thallasion is already connected to fishing in that he requires a lot of scales harvested from rare fish. If anything should give a cool buff to fishing, it should be owning the Shaper of Currents.

    What do you fellow players think? Are you content with fishing as is? Or do you agree that we need a bit more incentive to keep those lures out? Do you have any better ideas or would you like to comment on mine? That's what forums are for! If anything fishing has given me incentive to use the forum, as I've been fishing the entire time while writing this and coming up with new ideas to improve the fun, so I can stay in game rather than alt-tab every time I hear fish appear at the end of my fishing line.

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    I totally agree that fishing needs better rewards as well as more of them, and your ideas sound great! I also like the idea of stats- it would be cool if you could craft rods with different stats, for example ones that have a higher chance to get rare fish, or ones that get fish to bite quicker.

    I think a change to the fishing system in general would be a good idea as well. One of the main reasons people hate fishing is that it's simply boring- all you do is press F, wait, and press F again. I would suggest having it so that when you get a bite, a random key appears on screen and you have to mash that specific key. Not only would it make fishing more engaging and less boring, but it would also prevent, or at least highly reduce the amount of bots used for fishing.

    All I can say overall is that I really hope the devs make some changes to the fishing system to make it less boring and more rewarding.
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    Imo fishing is only worth it when a double fishing speed week occurs, I used last one to get all fishes.
    I didn't cast my line since then, it is simply too boring to be there waiting for it to happen while doing basically nothing.

    A boring thing in a game is fail.

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