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Thread: Furious Phoenix Recruiting!

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    Furious Phoenix Recruiting!

    Hello, my club, Furious Phoenix, is recruiting active members. Our only requirements are that you are active and above 1.5k power rank. We actively carry normal/hard and get groups for ultra. We are a chill club with active members. We currently have 300+ members! If you aren't on in 6 days we will kick you. We have a pvp arena and all portals. If you have any questions message me on psn: Niketetsuya23

    To join type "/joinworld furious phoenix" in your chat and ask us for an invite in world chat.
    An alternative is if you whisper me by typing "/whisper niketetsuya23 i want an invite"

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    hi may i join your club? i dont meet the power rank but may i join it just to complete a mission? i play in ps4 i would really appreciate it

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