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Thread: Costume Renders!

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    Lightbulb Costume Renders!

    Hey guys! I'm one of the many, many modders of the game who's costumes you might have seen running around. One of them was just added to the PTS! The Breaker of Lost Hearts, though it's new, official name will be the Darkheart Destroyer!

    For those of you who don't know what it looks like...

    Wait a minute! That's no in-game image. That's correct! This is a render, a high-definition 3-d render with a unique pose to really capture the costume.

    I did this similarly with other costumes, the Blood Knight, Elysian Guardian, and Bone Knight to be exact, you can still see these images I made in the in-game store! However, the old method I used when doing this was exceptionally convoluted and... Not fun.

    However! Thanks to the magic of Blender, I am now able to pump these images out at a much higher quality and at an even faster speed! Plus it's actually fun!

    You will be seeing a lot more things like this from me, heck, if you have any requests for a render for a specific mod you like, or even just a costume in-game you wanna see epic-ified, go ahead and post down below! If I'm into it, I'll post a render in a collection post that will be around once I have at least five renders completed!

    As for the Darkheart Destroyer? This costume along with 24 other amazing community-made costumes will be available in (assuming) the next patch!
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    It's a shame they don't show costume renders in-game anymore, they all look really nice. I think they should at least include pictures of a costume's helmet/weapons in the chaos crafter, because there's usually more to a costume than just the armour. I think it would be cool if when you hovered your mouse over a costume it showed you a render :P
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    Can I request for this mod to be epic-fied? http://forums.trovegame.com/showthre...erdark-Griffon

    I noticed that you've only done costumes, but maybe you could give this a shot? I really like this mount. Thanks!

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    Could you do partisan pinatatrician for me?

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