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Thread: Tell me a llama joke. Get a Fiery Kiely code.

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    What advice would llamas give to humans?
    Live llama and prosper.

    hahahahahahaidontgetitbutitsaysllamasoeverythingsa lrighthahahaha

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    Why did the llama cross the road?

    To spit on the other side.

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    I don't care if it's over, I'm still putting a joke here!

    What did the one llama say to the other llama before going on a trip?

    Alpaca bag.
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    want me to spit out a joke?
    no probllamma

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    La llama que llama

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    A llama, a cow, and a chicken are walking down the road. They are going to a party! As they walk down the road, they come across a lamb. They ask if they are coming from the party, and they reply that they are in fact coming from it! "Hot!" Says the Chicken. They continue to walk down the road, and they find a horse hanging out on a bridge. The group of animals ask if the horse too came from the party, and they told them they were, and that the party was really great! "Sweet!" The cow says, and the group continues towards the barnyard. The three animals arrive as the barn, music playing loud and lights flashing. They enter through the gate, and the llama looks around and sees all sorts of party animals! They were quite thirsty after their walk to the party, and saw other animals drinking some icy red fruit punch. So they walk inside to see if they can get some of their own.
    Inside they notice there are far less animals there, most of them are outside dancing. The llama sees another llama is hanging out in a chair, taking a break from their DJ duty. The llama approaches the other and asks where everybody got their drink. The DJ points off to the right and says "Right over there, just wait in line! Everybody is getting some!". The three animals look over to where they were told the other animals were getting their drinks, only to realize there was no punchline.

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    Llama jokes are llame.
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