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Thread: Tell me a llama joke. Get a Fiery Kiely code.

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    that's llamazing. let me think one, no dillama
    IGN: EkszoszajzbukFerike

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    What kind of animal does yoga? A Shangri-Llama.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NaviaSoul View Post
    Who is the llama spirtual leader? The Dalai Llama
    Copied from _Doudou_.


    What do you call a magical llama?

    A llamagician.
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    Let me fill up the llama bar.

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    Only 8 more codes to give for this one!

    Keep em coming, breathing out of my noise heavily more then usual today
    “Out of all the things I have lost, I miss my mind the most.”― Mark Twain

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    My bad wasn't paying attention

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    What did the llama say to the blade of grass?
    Nice knawing you!

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    Sirius: What's Wormtail so red in the face about?
    James: He's trying to find a good pun about Llamas, he's been at it for an hour now.
    Sirius: I can't blame the bloke, finding a good pun about Llamas can be a real dillama.
    Peter: I bloody hate you.

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    The president of llama is Barack Ollama xD

    What happened when a llama ate a banana?

    They grow a pair xD ( on their ear ) llama banana xD

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    Want a llama joke? Just look at ur mod
    ( not to be taken seriously)
    Quote Originally Posted by Twixler View Post
    T.T cries quietly

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