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    RESOLVED - PC/Mac Restart - March 17,2017 - 2 PM PDT (9PM GMT)

    Update 1 - The restart is complete and it appears everyone should be able to login normally. Thanks!

    Hi all,

    We're going to restart the PC/Mac version of Trove to resolve a connection issue being experienced by some players.

    The downtime may take up to an hour but is likely to be well under.

    Steve "Fasti" Haines
    Community Manager, Trove
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    Problem with World: Login not solved for me, help please

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    I have the same problem too =(

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    Exclamation unable to play

    unable to log-in
    ...getting kicked from server once i succeed to log in
    fail to contact authentication server
    fail to connect to game server
    ...when is this stopping Trion?
    would you add another server, so actually ALL the people that want to play your game, CAN do so...
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    somewhere in southeast asia
    still unable to login
    stuck at world:login
    sometimes it doesn't even get there i just lose connection

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