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Thread: Minor/major issues post release. Any issues of your own? Post below.

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    Exclamation Minor/major issues post release. Any issues of your own? Post below.

    •Unmovable penta forged souls.
    Case Reference number: 850991

    •Portals in a 3 block peripheral being able to be used when you are not looking at it.
    Bad because if you walk by a portal and accidently press X you will go in said portal that is in peripheral view. Happened 3 times on occasion in club world. Can be tolerated but it's a nuisance. Should be changed to direct look? Maybe.

    •Broken Mastery Rank leaderbaords.
    You guys already notified us that it is a visual glitch only, but if they are rewarded the weekly for top rank then it is not merely a visual only. Cry all you want. But some spent too much to be top Mastery Rank to be out ranked in contest by visual rank glitch.

    •Shadow tower disconnections are still a thing.
    Upon entering or transfering to the next portal, disconnections still occur.

    •Distorted sound on occasion still.

    •Not a bug but should allow us easy access to scroll down categories in crafting inventory, ie. Holding down Left trigger so we can navigate down crafting categories easier instead of pressing down each and every single resource/item.

    •Delay in opening Boxes. The time for opening boxes has now gone up significantly. There is a delay in each individual box opening.

    This post can be found in both General discussion and bugs/ glitches section so it can be seen more. Forums for xbox is dead anyways.

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    they know all this, but instead of working on xbox they work on ps4... wich gets hotfixes tommrow... and is not even close as broken as xbox

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    Maybe ps4 players buy more ingame stuff?

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    Quick fix to penta issue. Delete all pentas and then every penta after will be able to be posted to MP.

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    •Delay opening boxes. How about a massive delay when you kill the boss of a dungeon or finish the last mob of a skulls challenge. It's really bad.

    •Inventory management is crazy. Hopefully their patch today fixes it. Have to tab to other categories in order to move more than one item.

    •The new delay they added for rare items is really bad. I hope they get rid of this ASAP!

    •The gem cost to level up gems is either way too high or the drop amount is way too low. I understand the grind. I understand the need for a game to prolong the time players need to grind in order to keep them interested. The value and worth when players achieve the impossibly difficult tasks. Seriously, it is way too cumbersome as it currently exists.

    •The lack of defensive stats really bothers me. Apparently there is no way to mitigate damage unless your character has a damage mitigating ability. All you can do is increase the amount of health you have or the health regen. Mobs smack the (censored) out of you at higher levels. There's no armor defense. There's no damage resistance.

    •There's not much that any characters can do to be a tank. There is not much anyone can do to hold mob aggro.

    •There's no healer class.

    •Content is quite difficult for new players to figure out. For example, how do I get a dragon? The grind to get elite dragons is way too difficult. It's not explained very well. It's hard to determine how many dragon should one needs to get a dragon to the next level.

    •Leveling equipment is a massive grindfest. It's difficult to determine what gear one should put on a character. Does the face component lack PD or CD or is it the hat? It's not well documented and hard for players to figure out.

    •The suggested levels and restrictions for zones do not inform players what the recommended solo level is. What PR does one need to solo dungeons on that level? You can get into Uber 9 at 10,000 PR. Forget about soloing it at that level.

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