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Thread: Pay to win future update

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dudeman 315 View Post
    WTF are you talking about?--vague money making (@1000 flux per minute). You can tell when it's BS because they won't tell you how they make that flux. Per dungeon is maybe 15 flux from items, 300 from a scroll.
    yes, if your simply running dungeons, your not going to make flux. that is a given. i spent about 3 hours mining yesterday, i got ~4000 glacial shards, 122 miner troves, about a stack of shapestone ~50 golden souls, and a variety of other stuff. all of the glacial shards were sold at 35-40 flux a piece, the miner troves were sold at 350 a piece, the shapestone 2.5 a piece, and the golden souls at 420 a piece. this was done early in the morning as soon so to avoid the price crashes later in the day. on top of this, i logged on and off sporadically throughout the rest of the day and netted an additional 200k flipping stuff on the market while i was watching anime. Also, as you can see i focused fairly heavily on glacial shards, the reason is simply because it was in high demand at the time (some days ago the price had shot up to 80 flux a piece, and even then i was just getting on and grabbing a couple hundred to sell occasionally) Simply put, just focus on the trends and farm what is going for the most money based on how fast you can get it compared to farming other stuff. If your looking for flux don't bother with dungeons, odds of anything dropping worth a large amount of flux is slim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkyRider3217 View Post
    All the updates that are going on in PC isn't really somethin to be worried about. Chaos Chests are untradeable yes but you can farm them in any adventure world, making it easier to get Chaos Chest and the rare loot for the week. Even Golden Chaos Chests drop rarely which will give you the rare loot. Also we have the Chaos Core Crafter which allows you to craft anything you missed in certain chaos chest rotation weeks, the resources for crafting them isn't all that rare anyways. This really helps especially when classes can be crafted as well.

    Also the store changes isn't bad either. All it really does is promotes the use of Credit Pouches which will play a big role in the marketplace to allow players to get whatever they want. It really helps all those F2P players who want the packs but don't want to pay for (since most packs are now for credits only).

    Its not all bad really, it really helps the game. Sorry for all those who don't like new changes but this really changes up the game dramatically.
    This is all great...the issue is when will all of this content get to consoles. Don't say "soon," or the Blizzard favorite of "when it's ready," or the TW favorite of "in the coming months." @skyrider, you seem to have a relationship with the dev team, or at least community management team; please get us a development roadmap, give us something concrete. As an unofficial community pillar and liaison you have the opportunity to mediate. I love the content of your response, I want all these things you mention, just give us some information that isn't PR edited and regurgitated.

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