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Thread: your most annoying experience with trove

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    whoops privacy!

    your most annoying experience with trove

    other than the lag
    pirate captain is the best class

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    When everything got more complicated with Power Ranks and gems.
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    when my sword doesn't stop swinging

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    when I rubberband more than I walk
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    When Trove crashes 1 sec before completing um dotm ;-;
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    When i see Ekaj get better loot then me
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    gems rng

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    haha the fae king that walks sideways off of dungeons
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    probably in a pancake
    when i turn the fov to 175 and i warp to hyperspeed
    ( u should try it )
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    Having to delete and reinstall the game every three times i play it to get it too work, and crashing 20 times a day in the hub. I play on ps4 its horrendous some days.

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