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Thread: Hey im Pony

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    Cool Hey im Pony

    Hey im Ponyboy9569, (Pony) I am 22 years old and stoked for Trove. Game has been done extremely well and I am really glad i popped in for the beta test and will ontinue to be playing amongst you all.

    I am mainly a PvP Player, currently #16 world wide. My main focus in the game is bug quick fixes usable by players, and will be dabbling in some build testing once i hit end game. If you have any fixes I may not know about or you have a cool character build idea please share! I lean more towards uncommon character builds rahter then very generic builds so no idea is a bad one!

    I also am an officer for the club Lego of Me,which is really great interactive club that cares more about you as person, then we care about you as a player. End gamer or noob, if your nice person, we like you i run fun interactive events with prizes such as mounts, flux, pearls etc., so send me a message if your intrested!

    I am also all about helping other players, so if you have any questions ill do my best to answer any i can, or reffer you to someone who may know better than I. I am excited for what the future holds for Trove, and looking forward to be playing with you all in the months to come! | Hope to see you guys soon!!

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    Hi everyone, my name is Percy.

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