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Thread: Cannot join/invite my friend (both online)

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    Cannot join/invite my friend (both online)

    Alright my friend and I are trying to play together we are both playstation friend and we can see both playibg trove in the ps4 home but when we are IG he appears to be offline in my friend list... tried to send him an invite but when he click on join it bringshim to the ps store (same for me when he send an invit) so if you have a solution itll be really appreciated

    (We did not set our game to appear offline mode)

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    I also have this problem but only with my sister being that we are in the same house. had this problem on another game and it never got resolved. however with trove, if it just says "cannot join player", what has been working for us, is both parties force close application and relog. seems to work for us every time. I hope it helps

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