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Thread: Opening map in club world, snow biomes laggy

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    Opening map in club world, snow biomes laggy

    Opening the map in club world is like Russian roulette, I try not to but I open it and crash most of the time. Same thing happens with permafrost biomes, too many particles or something because my game blue screens regularly.
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    This may have been fixed by now, but that seems like either general server stress which will hopefully be toned down a bit in the near future, possibly with the new update drops, or a problem with your network. Its pretty common to have NAT Type 2 and if you have better internet, NAT Type 1, but if you see any indication that you have NAT Type 3, such as constantly having NAT type problems with friends in party chats, contact your Network provider. You may have to update/replace your router or upgrade your internet package. Hope this helps!

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