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Thread: I did not got a Radiant Cache

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    I did not got a Radiant Cache

    so i finally got mastery level of 190, and i got a lot of radiant themed weapons, and among those rewards i got a radiant cache, i redeem it, and it did not apeared in my inventory


    it was a bug? i've searched and i've seen that the 190 Mastery rewards are only the weapons, i just want to be sure if i did got everything

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    Hello sheshin, this Radiant Cache consists of the radiant themed weapons, not actually a Radiant Cache.

    To get the Radiant Caches, you need to kill sky giants or while farming radiant shards.

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    Its not a bug, dont worry, you got everything =)
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    You are not intended to receive a radiant cache. It displaying in the claims screen is the actual bug.
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