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Thread: [Q] is trading gears a bad thing?

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    Exclamation [Q] is trading gears a bad thing?


    so, the title is pretty much self-explanatory
    what you guys think about it?

    i feel like the whole forging system is being fooled, by being able to just farm a few flux
    and /join trade, and buy stellar gears ...at mastery 20, level 10 character, anyway, levels does not matter
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    I don't see how it is bad. Allowing people to trade stuff they farm is good. It gives incentive to farm when you already have good gear. Though personally the poor gem rng makes me avoid it most of the time. When radiant items were new, trion have and still do sell a radiant pack to make one. It was bad value and is even more so, but likewise that allows you to set yourself up without working for it. I think in some ways it's good to have a healthy balance between those who want to pay and those who want to farm to earn more.

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    I can say that this is a good thing, it allows people to sell off extra gear they dont need and it allows players like me to help lesser players that they trust by loaning them gear. I play with my little cousin and i loaned him my stellar staff and S4 ring so that he can progress a little easier and so that he can get his own gear in future
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