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Thread: Looking for active, average sized club

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    Looking for active, average sized club

    Hello, my IGN is 0Silence, I am looking for a club to join and hang out in, I have atleast over 200hrs on trove but I made a new account because why not. It's been a week now, I've levelled a couple of classes to level 20, one of which has ALMOST full radiant gear and some decent gems. I'm happy to help people out on shadow tower runs and farming runs, in fact those are a few things I want a club for. I am friendly, and will have a good conversation. I want to make it clear that I don't want anything from anyone, I'll work for what I need.

    So that's a basic run down of myself ( I don't mind large clubs but a more average sized one would be nice, either is fine... just don't want to be alone lmao)

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    I'm building a club, 0FkGiven which would suit your name, but it's still on it's baby phase.

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