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Thread: [Mount Suggestion] Wyvern Dragon Rig (Collab)

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    in a bottle
    Yes, wyverns are the best

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    Short answer:

    The way you portrayed the wyvern is beautiful.
    There is no way I can say "no" to that.
    Sadly, I have doubts it'll be that beautiful in-game.
    Unless, you are the ones to put it into the game.
    Sometimes implementation is different...
    I love it either way!

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    On top of my basking rock. Under another rock. Because rocks.
    Yes. /name

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    can i have one .gr2 file if there have? i wanna to try make one
    (ya i know maybe cant be but just wanna try to make what i name basic from)
    BTW you know how to extract .gr2 ?


    sry my english was bit weak if i make some mistake in what i say pls tell me

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    This looks awesome Sky sisters!!! I hope it gets accepted!
    IGN : DrNinja
    Quote Originally Posted by Twixler View Post
    Hey guys!! I did a map pull today and will be testing/looking at them over the next week or so. If I accept your map you will hear from me by the end of January(the latest).
    If I do not contact you by then and you are curious about your map, please DM me here on the forums and I can give some feedback.

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