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Thread: [Mount Suggestion] Wyvern Dragon Rig (Collab)

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    Lightbulb [Mount Suggestion] Wyvern Dragon Rig (Collab)

    I'd thought, since we have the capability of making Western Dragons (Azorian and a lot of the traditional dragon models), Eastern Dragons (Selene), and Leviathans (Palashien), I thought we could have a model that could work for Wyverns. With the help of SkyRider3217, we made the first Wyvern model:

    Wyvern rig created by me, design created by SkyRider3217

    This is actually a modified version of a traditional dragon model with a smaller "wing_01", larger "wing_2," and the front legs moved to the wing claw, so I just recycled the parts.

    I think this would definitely give a more variety for modders to make more dragon designs/mods.
    Feel free to speak out you opinions and show your support!

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    Definately support it. Could also be fun to make some large Bats as well using the same rig. Lots of new ideas. :3
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    I personally prefer wyverns above any other kind of dragons and always did. For me they are the real dragons. Also anatomically the most correct
    Quote Originally Posted by Twixler View Post
    T.T cries quietly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cicasajt View Post
    I personally prefer wyverns above any other kind of dragons and always did. For me they are the real dragons. Also anatomically the most correct
    This. Wyverns are easily the most badass dragons, I love how they walk with their wings and writhe like a snake, so I'm 100% in support of having a wyvern rig!
    Cacti are cool. Yeah.

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    Big luv and much support to make this a thing, You've both done a wonderful work on it..
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    Thanks for saving my bacon, Chronozilla.

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    I 100% percent approve and support this idea!
    Please keep working on this and make Trion Worlds approve it!

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    I can't give you a +1 for this

    I have to give you +1,000,000!!!
    I'm loving the look, design, and feel of this Wyvern Rig, and as SkyRider said it would make a great Bat Rig too!
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    why is there no up-vote on these forums

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    Please use this to make a tigrex mod!

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    Amazing mount suggestion by the Sky Sisters ^^

    I support the idea of adding wyverns to the game :3

    Imagine all the possibilities with the addition of this dragon into the game

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