Hi people, im designing and creating ( nearly there ) a clubworld specifically to fish in and hang, chat, afk, you name it whatever you want. It has stations to catch 5 of the rare fish in clubworlds, and 2 of the enchanted rare fish in clubworlds.

Littered throughout the clubworld is signposts in the main club house, and everywhere along the way giving very detailed information on how to catch other rare fish and in what category through different portals if it is not possible to fish the fish you're after in my clubworld.

The layout is all done, i just need to put a few more signposts up and it is up and running 100% but you can still fish there!

Just type /joinworld The Fishing Guild

On ps4 ( EU ) and if you want a clubworld portal just ask me, or go and make one yourself in the main club building next to the rare fishing trophies.