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Thread: Shadow "bug" Hunter

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    Shadow "bug" Hunter

    So i've been playing shadow hunter for a while and here are my complaints:

    PVE: Most of the time if not always, i've noticed that:

    - Radiant arrow doesn't pierce through enemies sometimes not even walls, other times i see the arrow hit the target, doing the hit animation, but it does 0 damage.

    - Ultimate: Arrow of the goddess has the same problems as Radiant arrow, most of the times it doesn't hit the target or it doesn't register the hit resulting in 0 damage, this is very frustrating because you waste energy and time hoping to make some good damage, but it doesn't do anything.

    PVP: In pvp the problems from pve persist but multiply:

    So both Radiant arrow and Ultimate most of the times don't register, so no damage. If this wasn't bad enough the auto attacks most of the times don't register either, i mean it is as bad as i find someone afk in pvp, i go next to him, hit him 5 times with auto attack and only 1 attack registers. This is pathetic really.

    In addition the stats for shadow hunter in pvp are complete garbage, i mean it takes me 6-7 auto attack shots to kill anyone, seeing other classes to 2 shot or 3 shot me with auto attacks, not to mention that my ultimate doesn't one shot every class, melees expecially.

    So in order to fix this a wide rage for arrows in general could be put in place, so that even if i don't hit the target deadcenter i could make some damage, as for the game not registering the arrows hitting targets, tell your programmers to do their job!

    Hope some fix is done swiftly to my favorite class.

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    From what I hear, the projectiles not rendering is a problem for all ranged classes.
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