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Thread: Free store items

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    Free store items

    Anyone log in to notice free store items like gem sampler pack items or free essentials pack? This hasn't happened to me personally but my father logged in yesterday to a free empowered tome 30 gem booster boxes 2 empowered boxes 100 clovers 50 horshoes and 20 luckbugs and 2 weeks ago one of the kids In our house logged in for his second time ever and had all the items fr9m essentials pack....... I have 8x more gameplay than both of them combined and have never gotten that...... anybody else see this before?
    *Update* I can also confirm as I have checked both their Xbox accounts that neither one of them made a purchase

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    I got some free items in the market on my newly created account.

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    I got a couple free items when I first started playing and linked to my PC account, but not in the amounts that you're describing and I've spent more money on this Xbox version than I have on the PC version. So I'm wondering if it was a glitch or maybe just their lucky day? Strange things happen in beta. Also, I think it depends on the time of day you're logged in. I know on the PC version, you need to check the store every time you log in for free items. Sometimes they're only up for 45 minutes. I got a free gem box today on PC and the timer underneath it said it was only available for 45 more minutes. I play a lot late at night and hardly every see any free items available in the wee hours, it's usually during the day.

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