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Thread: Club war

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    Club war

    There's no idea section here do I figured Ill post here. There needs to be more end game content a reason to keep grinding and one thing this game is missing is a club v club ordeal. Simple idea Almost every game with a club/clan system has it, The PVP in this game sucks this could fix that. It could even lead to building your own siege castle ( following strict blu-prints) which as a club your objective could be to siege the enemy castle or protect your own, or just have a massive war. Either way seems like a good end game activity that will bring the community together and make people want to get better.
    Obviously rewards would be given to the top clubs ( maybe of a division).

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    nice idea. i really like it. hope they consider it.
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    Great ideal to be honest. I don't play pc but a lot of this does and will relate to console sooner or later.

    Runes of Magic had a very similar concept, it was called Guild Sieges, you basically pvped another guild and took over their "Castle heart". You had to bust down gates and such. And with the wins, your guild got rewards, I'm not 100% sure but I believe you were rewarded as well with points that you could use for the next guild siege(Castle upgrades, immunities, pvp perks). It was buggy but extremely fun. I would love to see that implemented into the game in one form or away.

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    If this idea gets considered, well, don't make it a "prime" thing to do. Make it as a thing to do when you are bored, having fun or maybe messing around. (Like not granting some stuffs that we need in the game like Mastery etc).

    Well i like the idea, yeah PvP is kinda boring.
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    Yeah I hear ya. Allow it to be a free open pvp system. Like allow the club leader to enter a "que". That way I can set it up for Saturday/Sunday nights.

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    It could be set for 1 day a week on a sunday so more people are likely able to get on for it

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    No rewards tho. We had enough salt introduced to Trove with the leaderboards already.

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    The only problem is that in end game most people are in 4-5 big end game clubs, and these would be the ones competing against each other, so a club leader might be competing against his club leader in another club who is also a member in his club.
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