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Thread: Costume: Chaos Tetzu

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    Costume: Chaos Tetzu

    Hello there! c:

    I just created my first serious mod and I'm very proud of it, so I'd like to offer it to you ^-^

    Please give me tips on how to improve on my modding, since this mod might not be the best mod ever~ Thanks c:

    Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/tbh422..._Tetzu_3.0.zip have fun =3

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    Congrats on making your first mod! It looks pretty darn cool. On the Trove forums, we post mods we've made in this section of the forums, found at the top of the screen: http://forums.trovegame.com/forumdis...Mod-Discussion

    If you post future mod threads in there, you'll be sure to get some good support and suggestions! So welcome to the modding community, and good luck for any future mods you make!
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