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Thread: Troves Largest Club

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    Troves Largest Club

    i have come to tell you all about the LARGEST CLUB in Trove.

    club creator The Largest Dog. club name TLD World. message me over xbox live for an invite to the club.

    i play on xbox one and heres a club world video preview.

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    Nope, not even close. There are clubs way bigger then this on PC/MAC

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    im on xbox one. its the largest. and still growing.

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    Largest on Mac maybe, but not even close on PC.
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    should change title to largest club in console to avoid confusion :P

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    Im pretty sure this isnt on the PC/Mac server, its console correct? It may be the biggest XBOne club.
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    So cute, I wish I could visit it on pc

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    I wish to join my Ign is SuperSpeedG

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    I've moved this thread as it didnt belong in the PC discussions, its a bit more fitting here however probably not the best idea to post on a 3 year old thread.

    If the club still exists mind you, you could message the player as per the original post

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