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Thread: Looking for people to play this game with!

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    Jan 2017

    Cool Looking for people to play this game with!

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Caity (IGN: Caitybee on NA server), I just joined Trove about a week ago but lately I haven't had much luck finding people my age to play Trove with. I'd really like to find a club with mature people age 18+ so I can do dungeons with, grind materials, and more. I'm 23 years old and to be honest I get taken advantage of too much in the game by younger players constantly asking me for stuff or runs through Shadow Temple.

    If you think I'd be a great addition to your club, or a good buddy to play Trove with, please feel free to contact me!

    Hope you all have a very nice day!
    - Juju
    -Caitybee - NA Server-

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    Apr 2016
    Porto, Portugal
    U're welcome to join our club if u want to.
    /joinworld Faz Esse and ask anyone for an invite, os message me (ign: SuperShiva)

    GL, have fun
    IGN: SuperShiva Founder / Leader of Faz Esse

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    I notice you're from Canada - send poutine pl0x?
    Haha anyway, welcome to the party!
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    i am 25 years old and also looking for more people to play with, add me in game: liorrrb1991 ^_^

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    Welcome to the community! Hope you enjoy your time here in game.

    If you are under mastery level 20 you can use this code to get a free class coin: CQ3PHDGCZ6K2JX3DQTTC

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    can join me if you want my ign is troveaddict I know the feeling of bein harassed by new players XD maybe I can return the favor and carry you some tonight ? im 22 years old, 19k pr from Canada as well

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    hey yea i am looking for someone to play with on trove i am 18 years old and my IGN:Heyzzer so feel free to add me guys

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